Airlander 10: Massive Hybrid Air Vehicle Makes Historic Flight

Giant Hybrid Air Vehicle, the Airlander 10 made a historic flight on Wednesday August 17th in the UK.

Uber approved for “Uber Travel” patent

  From your private chauffeur to your private travel agent. Uber has been approved for a patent to create an all-in-one app for travel bookings. If...

British Airways to introduce A380 service between Vancouver and London

British Airways to introduce A380 service between Vancouver and London for the summer of 2016, what will the competition do?

Uber Launches The Uberpool Program In Toronto, Despite UberX’s Transparency Concerns

Uberpool’s ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of cars on the road. It's kind of like carpooling, except it's not a free ride.

London City Airport reaches record number of passengers in 2015, outlining...

London City Airport serves record number of passengers in 2015, bringing up questions of expansion.

Tourists Targeted by ISIS in Cairo

Tourists targeted at Three Pyramids Hotel near the Giza pyramids in Cairo. Tour bus and hotel damaged. Assailants said to be supporting ISIS.


Is Thailand just too dangerous?

Recent bombings are putting Thailand’s lucrative travel industry at risk. The Asian nation’s reputation as a safe travelling playground could be on the wane.

The Play’s the Thing: England to Celebrate Shakespeare 400 Years After...

King’s College is celebrating Shakespeare in 2016, 400 years after his death, by organizing special creative projects and performances in London and Stratford.

2015 Award-winning Destinations

TripAdvisor has released its 2015 Travelers' Choice Award-winning Destinations. How many did you get to last year?

WOW Air Continues to Shake Up Transatlantic Air Travel

Wow air, the self-labelled "ultra-low-cost transatlantic airline from Iceland", has recently been making its mark on the airline industry and shows no signs of...

Misbehaving Weather – it’s having an effect on our travel plans

Late onset of snow in European ski resorts, tropical storms arriving early - the weather is having a dramatic effect on travel plans.

EasyJet Accused of Overselling Thousands of Flights

When someone purchases a plane ticket, shows up at the airport, slogs through security and treks through the terminal to their gate, they expect to find a seat on their flight. Passengers on EasyJet, however, have recently been fuming after discovering that their seats were anything but guaranteed.


IFA Berlin Kicks Off September 2-7

IFA Berlin, the world's leading tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances, kicks off September 2-7, 2016.

Top Hotel Bidding Websites For Travelers

Thanks to Priceline naming your own price is a commonplace, consumer custom. Consumers are more in control than ever of how much they're paying per night.

Top 5 Best Travel Tech from Consumer Electronics Show 2016

Check out the top-5 best travel tech from this year's Consumer Electronic Show. Your travelling experience will never be the same again!

Top Apple Watch Apps for Travelers

Travel companies become one of the first to embrace the vast possibilities of the Apple Watch.

2014 Travel Technology Trends

Check out the latest tech trends in the travel industry, and discover the best way to market them to your tech-savvy consumer.

BI Intelligence reveals how mobile changes the way people travel

From wearable technology to the power of mobile marketing, travel industry professionals are utilizing the latest innovations in mobile technology to attract their consumer on-the-go in the most convenient way possible. Learn more about overcoming the barriers to entry, avoiding the big mobile blunders, and learning how to stand out among a sea of travel giants around the world.


IFA Berlin Kicks Off September 2-7

IFA Berlin, the world's leading tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances, kicks off September 2-7, 2016.

European Capital of Culture Year Kicks off in Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland kicks off its year as the European Capital of Culture with a spectacular parade and weekend of events.

The Yukon Quest

No, it's not another gold rush. It is an international event, though, one, which like the gold rush of the 1890s, attracts people from all over the world.

Seatrade Med Cruise Convention sets sail in Barcelona Sept. 16-18

This year’s premier cruise event expo, the Seatrade Med Cruise Convention, will feature cruise industry professionals from around the world who will showcase their latest products and services in the Mediterranean cruise market. More than 3,000 guests are expected to attend this year’s event, bringing together buyers and suppliers for a few jam-packed days of relationship building, forward-thinking educational sessions, and industry-level networking events for businesses and individuals in the Mediterranean cruise industry.

The 2014 Hotel Data Conference Visits Music City, U.S.A. from Aug....

From Aug. 12-14, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee will transform into a data-driven mecca for hotel and hospitality professionals from around the world. Descending on Music City, U.S.A. will be dozens of guest speakers, breakout panel discussions, general sessions, networking opportunities and enlightening presentations for hoteliers and travel professionals to boost their company productivity and profit, identify new opportunities, and take a peek into the future and the facts of the hotel industry.

How is your flight cost calculated?

With so many ever-changing rules and fluctuating costs involved in airfare, it’s important to break it all down and understand the fundamentals of airline ticket prices. Flight costs are generally broken down into three categories: base fare, fuel surcharges, and other taxes and fees, as well as peripheral circumstances that can affect what passengers ultimately pay.


Destination Conferences: 10 of the Best Meeting Hotels in the US

Some time in the last couple of decades, destination conferences in the United States have become quite the norm. Whether it's the lack of vacation time or the need for more intensive retreats, it seems this trend is here to stay.

Cleanliness is top priority for hospitality consumers, study shows

Top 5 businesses affected by negative online reviews.

Virgin Hotels Opens in Chicago

Virgin Hotels opens its first hotel property, a 26-story, 250-room hotel in the historic Old Dearborn Bank Building in downtown Chicago.

SABMiller Sells Stake in South African Hotel and Casino Group

SABMiller, one of the world's largest breweries, sold its $1 billion stake in Tsogo Sun, one of South Africa's leading hospitality and gaming groups, in late July in order to dispose of a non-core business, SABMiller representatives stated. The sale will allow SABMiller to explore new avenues for growth and expansion as it struggles to gain momentum growing the region.

Independent hoteliers in France face continued decline. Can marketing and modernization...

Nearly two-thirds of small, independent hotel operators in France are seeking to sell off their properties due to a lack of occupancy and profitability. Facing pervasive decline, small hoteliers are unable to overcome challenges including the rapid development of online booking, the rise of unexpected competition from private rentals, hostels and campgrounds, and a lack of resources for required renovations. Can marketing and modernization help revive the small, independent hotel industry in France?

Thomson Prepares to Open Sensatori Jamaica Resort With Help of Designer...

The Grand Opening of Thomson’s Sensatori five-star resort in Negril, Jamaica is expected to boost tourism big time. Scottish designer Jonathan Saunders hand-designed part of the establishment and is giving away free beachwear to all in attendance on opening day, May 1, 2014.

Car Rental

Expedia Acquires European Car-Rental Company Auto Escape Group

Expedia, Inc. recently acquired European car-rental reservation company Auto Escape Group. Although the online-travel market is consolidating fast, holiday-makers shouldn’t worry about a lack of options!

The Thrill Ride of the Exotic Car Rental Industry

The emergence of exotic car rentals is a growing industry in the United States and beyond with travelers seeking to spice up their...

Europcar and Advantage – Joining forces for the best

Europcar, the heading brand in transports in Europe with a worldwide system, and Franchise Services of North America Inc. Working Advantage in the...


UK Railway Strikes Threaten Holiday Weekend Travel

With multiple strikes looming across the UK railways, travelling for this bank holiday weekend could very well be a nightmare if you choose to travel by rail.

Does the Nazi “Gold Train” Still Exist?

The search has resumed for the Nazi “Gold Train.” But does it really exist?

Canada’s Passenger Rail Service – A Partial Revival?

Canada's passenger rail service may be on the brink of a partial revival. With a new government having been elected last fall, the possibility of a service return has inched its' way closer to reality.