Home Articles Gala Ceremony set of turkey acclimatizing world travel awards in Europe

Gala Ceremony set of turkey acclimatizing world travel awards in Europe

Gala Ceremony set of turkey acclimatizing world travel awards in Europe

Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort

Heading travel brands and organizations situated to clash later long from now in what guarantees to be an exciting World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony. The Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa in Antalya, Turkey, will facilitate the occasion on August 31, 2013, with the show coming back from the second time in three years. Hailed as ‘the Oscars of the travel business’, World Travel Awards is recognized over the globe as a definitive travel award and praises those brands that are pushing the limits of industry magnificence.

Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa gives the ideal setting for the occasion, embodying the soul of World Travel Awards to push the limits of greatness in travel and tourism. Since opening, the resort has quickly secured itself as the definitive spot for golf and extravagance, in the middle of a pure Mediterranean setting. With the presentation of the Green Awards, we plan to energize earth dependable travel organizations, by offering them the chance to highlight their green certifications and biologically inviting practices. Overall, green awards class participants waived of the standard passage expense and sponsorship of the green awards classifications given to a green philanthropy. More than 500 organizations from crosswise over Europe, traversing many classifications, have assigned for the rivalry for the most persuasive award in the travel.

WTA president Graham Cooke said: “During times of budgetary doubt planet class brands contribute more than their fair share, keeping on developing piece of the pie whilst contender’s struggle. Turkey specifically has demonstrated to its certifications as a planet class tourism brand, exhibited in the amount of top honors won by the country’s top lodgings and travel organizations. Planet Travel Awards commends its twentieth Anniversary not long from now and recognized over the globe as a definitive travel honor, praising those organizations, organizations and brands that are pushing the limits of industry fabulousness in item and administration. 

Destination” trophy in a week, which saw the end of the line, picked as the first Middle Eastern city to have of the 2020 World Expo exchange gathering. Antalya specifically speaks to brand Turkey at its finest. At that point, the captivating Enana move assembly, named after the old Syrian goddess of affection and workmanship will enthrall with its imaginative impulse from Arabic history and Syrian fables. It mixes actuality and fiction in the choreography, mixing aged and present day history to present customary move and old stories fusing the Excellences and controls of traditional move.


Another sparkling excitement incorporates acclaimed electric violinist Micah, who will engross with his jolting combination of violin and electronic music. At only thirteen, he performed with Liza Minnelli at the Philadelphia Academy of Music and afterward joined the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra as standard first violinist, under Anthony Primavera. As a capable power for the travel business, the World Travel Awards is an in number backer of ecological administration inside the travel and tourism industry that prompt a manageable future. This is a fabulous award function that is organized and executed in a phenomenal way.


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