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Hertz signs new car rental partners in the Levant

Hertz signs new car rental partners in the Levant

Hertz new GSAsHertz has announced the appointment of new General Sales Agents in Jordan and Lebanon to grow its outbound car rentals from the two Levant countries to more than 8,800 Hertz locations in 150 countries.

The partnerships see the world’s leading general-use car rental brand tie up with Eastern Travel & Tours in Jordan and Nakhal in Lebanon, and will provide a new level of service and support for the countries’ travel trade professionals when making car rental bookings globally for their customers.

They will also provide a significant boost to the upward curve of Hertz outbound car rentals in recent years from Lebanon and Jordan to popular European and US destinations. 

In 2012, Hertz outbound transactions from Lebanon grew by 20 per cent year-on-year, with France, UAE, Italy, USA and Greece among the top five countries of choice for its Lebanese customers, accounting for 79 per cent of total outbound transactions for the company.

For the same year, the USA was the second most popular travel destination for Hertz customers in Jordan, sitting just behind the UAE and followed by France, Italy, Spain, Greece, the UK, and Switzerland.

Michel Taride, group president, Hertz International, commented: “Hertz is excited to be aligned with Eastern Travel & Tours and Nakhal, whose combined presence and knowledge of the Jordanian and Lebanese travel markets make them ideal partners to grow our outbound car rentals from the two countries to key overseas destinations.

“Hertz is one of the most well-known brands globally and is instantly recognisable by millions of people, helping customers around the world for more than 90 years.

“These partnerships build upon the long-standing history Hertz has enjoyed in Jordan and Lebanon, and we look forward to continuing to provide our customers in these countries superior service and value with our innovative products and services.”

The principal benefits of the new GSA appointments to travel trade professionals in the Levant will be the instant accessibility to the global portfolio of Hertz outbound products.


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