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Hotelogix partners with Hospitality and Tourism Consultants

Hotelogix partners with Hospitality and Tourism Consultants

hotelogixHotelogix is happy to announce an alliance with Hospitality and Tourism Consultants as their Channel Partner in Peru for reselling Hotelogix to the hospitality industry there. Hotelogix is a cloud based Property Management System (PMS) and Online Distribution System, used by small and medium sized hospitality businesses in South American countries like Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Argentina.

Hospitality and Tourism Consultants seeks to consolidate the proper development of the tourism and hospitality sector in Peru. They have highly trained professionals who have several years of experience in the hospitality sectors due to which the company enjoys a large market percentage with the sectors they work with.

Hospitality and Tourism Consultants were extremely impressed with the Hotelogix solutions; they found it to be one of the best in the Market especially when using it with cloud, since that was one of their top criteria. They believed Hotelogix to be the right PMS for the Peruvian hospitality industry since 75% of the lodging in the city belong to the small and mid-sized sector who do not have a reliable and

easy to use PMS due to budget constraints. Juan Alberto Palacios, MD of Hospitality and Tourism Consultants states “Hotelogix is a low cost and user friendly PMS which is also available in Spanish and presently has no cloud competitors.” He expects the hospitality industry in the country to be extremely responsive to Hotelogix.

Mr. Aditya Sanghi, CEO and Co-founder Hotelogix, is excited to say, “We look forward to working with the small and mid-sized hospitality industry in Peru. During the last 5 years itself, Peru has seen a 25% increase in the number of inbound tourists visiting the country and future projections for the tourism industry are also positive. Hotelogix wants to ensure that they are there to support the hotels with a premium property management system.”

According to Metropolitan Touring, the projected hotel investments in Peru for the next 2 years were nearly 1,500 million US dollars. And even though a slight contraction may be expected with the global world economic crisis, there is still a very strong interest from numerous Asian investors to invest in the Peruvian hospitality industry. Most of the newer hotels are expected to be in the 3, 4 and 5 stars categories.

Hotelogix and Hospitality and Tourism Consultants are geared up to make sure, that they are there to support the growth of the hospitality industry in Peru.


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