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Leaders of snow tourism will meet in Almaty

Leaders of snow tourism will meet in Almaty


In the next month, the Euro-Asian ski resort conference will be held in Kazakhstan. The aim of this conference is to develop a new destination for the snow tourism, and it will jointly organize by the municipality of Almaty and UNWTO. The main motto of organizing community regarding with this conference is to provide a new purpose for the snow travels and tourism. 


The winter sports are extensively renowned as a vital part in today’s highly applicable national as well as the international tourism market. On the other hand, it says UNWTO, mature snow destinations are progressively more facing the desire for investments as well as product rejuvenation, and the new resorts are facing the challenges of performance and positioning in the worldwide market.

The exchange of the key policies and best practices among the developing ski resorts in Asia and the mature snow tourism destinations in Europe both will be the center of the tourism conference, which is held for developing new destinations for snow tourism. In the conference, all sorts of people will be gathered, both public and private snow tourism stakeholders work in Asia and Europe, and the stimulate assistance and knowledge will exchange to promote the sustainable growth, as well as the competitiveness for the snow tourism destinations. The events are very special for the mature snow tourism destinations, and it takes place on 8th of October and 9th of October in Kazakhstan at the InterContinental, Almaty.

In a similar way, the world ski awards are also organized for the ski tourism. The Almaty event is the next destination on the calendar of ski tourism, and the event will be held in Kitzbuhel for the inauguration of the world ski awards. This award is the first program to reward the fine brands in the field of the hospitality or resorts trade. This is an exclusive award event program that is a feature the four blue riband field and that is the best ski resort, best chalet, best boutique hotel, and best hotel. This award event program is fully based on the voting system; the highest vote ranker will be listed in top 20 finalists. So, the winner will be selected among all the finalist.


The award event includes the international voting and the voting will begin at 8 am on 26th of August that is Monday. Apart from it, the results will be declared at the inauguration ceremony of the world ski awards. The inaugural ceremony of world ski awards will be held in Kitzbuhel, Austria on 16th of November 2013.

The conference for the snow tourism and the award for the ski tourism, both are exclusively for the tourism and travel trade. The tourism industry will get a new destination for developing the tourism trade as well as a travel and tourism industry will get the several best opportunities and place in the conference.

The world ski awards are the best way to give the rewards to the hospitality or resorts. The winners are chosen according to the highest votes, and the voting system is open to all nations that means, global voting is allowed for selecting the finalist.


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