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Serve the service with the innovative technologies


When people are planning about the vacation, then they want the best service in the hotel, where they are staying. So for keeping the requirements of families in mind, the Residence Inn by Marriott support is dedicated and committed towards the family, who are coming for the travelling or vacation. The young kids or the young generation people have a strong desire for their family regarding the best vacation. Therefore, for this they want everything best, impeccable, and the well-organized. At the present time, the youths take the vacation decisions normally, so they have several different opinions regarding with the vacation. To uncover what kids want from some hotel as well as glean insights on the expectations of the tour, residence Inn hosted the first time ever the seminar on tour on 3rd of August.

  The children shared several things as their thoughts for the hotel according to their expectation. There are several things that children want in the hotel, they are:

•    Guest room entry will identify with a guest’s fingerprint rather than the keycards.

•     Wall color will change on a single click.

•    Design the elements according to the choice of guests, before the guest arrives.

•    Every room must possess the microwaves, which will cook up anything that the guest wants.

The seminars help in finding the requirements for the hotel, which will focus on the customization, as well as personalization, especially for the young guests. It may include :

Customized experiences-this includes the tech twist. Aside from the unusual desires for eternal free ice-cream, complete floor dedicated to FUN, and water slides, the children want to be in manage of the tour experiences, from pre-arranged in-room refreshments to deciding the hotel room facilities. Hoteliers should not avoid the importance of the bed, pillow, mattress; all should be clean and perfect.

Emotional motivation- when you asked to anyone, either an elder or a younger person regarding the best part of the travelling, then everyone’s answer will be the emotional experiences that a person is shared with their families at the time of travelling. Emotional experiences will connect you with all the family members or the relatives who living in abroad and spending their life’s best time with the family. These people are ranked as the top most important people.   

Another is the spending of the quality time with the family members, when the family is on the log road tour. The younger predict some transportation means in the seminar for the future.  It may include the teleports, flying cars, hovercrafts, jet packs, and Google driverless cars. Some of the younger who attend the seminar having a dream to spend one vacation on the moon.

The children have different types of imagination as well as having expectations regarding with the vacation. So the Residence Inn offers the huge range services and family friendly atmosphere, the services will include a complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi service and spacious suite i.e., with studio, 1 or 2 bedroom options. The Residence Inn offers the best lodging services; it’s also designed for longer stays, and it offers the spacious suites with the sleeping areas and separate living. Hoteliers deliver the luxurious services to the guests and offer all the valuable services to the guests, which are essential and required for them.       


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