Home Articles St. Kitts Offers the Delicious Caribbean Food in the Sky

St. Kitts Offers the Delicious Caribbean Food in the Sky

St. Kitts Offers the Delicious Caribbean Food in the Sky


The St. Kitts is part of the British Airways on 26 Aug, which was the weekend of the Bank Holiday. Ambassadors from the British Airways gave the Brighton promotional sticks of rock to more than thousands of visitors, who can enjoy the ‘pop up’ Beach Lounge from the St. Kitts and British Airways.

In addition, there is a lucky few. The winners can even enjoy the special flight for the Delicious Caribbean Food in the Sky. The passengers can enjoy the unique flight in the sky with the beautiful Brighton’s views. Totally, 242 passengers can enjoy such flight, and the company will offer 11 times of flights, severing 22 passengers for each flight.

One of the passengers for such special flight in the sky was Senator Ricky Skerritt, who is the Minister of Tourism & International Transport. He mentioned that, “We are delighted to be part of the British Airways Dine in the Sky experience, in Brighton.  British Airways have once again shown amazing ingenuity in the creation of their destination promotions, and we look forward to hosting the lucky diners in the sky as well as all those who visit the beach lounge.  Our continued partnership with British Airways in promotions such as these is key to generating awareness of the destination and its success in the UK market.”

The St. Kitts is strong to use the Facebook and the official website to promote themselves. With the use of the social networking, such as the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, more than millions of visitors can be aware of the activities from the ‘Dine in the Sky’ (DITS) experience by the St. Kitts British Airways. The success of the activities from the St. Kitts is because of the use of the social networking, prompting the engagement and sharing with friends and families.

The Head of Commercial at British Airways London Gatwick supported that, “St. Kitts continues to be a popular destination for our customers who want to visit new and exciting destinations and, particularly in St. Kitts’ case, uncrowded and unspoilt.  We are, therefore, pleased to have St. Kitts ‘on board’ once again on such an exciting promotion. Such initiatives grab consumers’ attention and are an excellent way to gain immediate visibility and awareness.”

It is estimated that more than 6000 visitors will be the winners of the hospitality from the St. Kitts. The company hopes that the visitors can enjoy the complimentary drinks, music, video and even entertainment during the holiday. The St. Kitts and the British Airways believe that their ‘pop up’ Beach Lounge shall be the best to sever their invaluable guests from the world.


Currently, the St. Kitts is working hard to provide the regular airlift to the island from London Gatwick on Tuesday and Saturday twice weekly. Three class of aircraft are offering to the visitors, who include 40 Club World seats, 216 World Traveller seats and 24 World Traveller Plus. Hope you will be the next guest for such special trip


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