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Statia conference to focus on tourism and water

Statia conference to focus on tourism and water

st-eustatusThe St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation (STDF) is preparing to host another major sustainable conference from September 25 – 27, 2013, during which delegates will discuss critical issues relating to the island’s sustainability.

The theme of the Statia Sustainable Conference, “Tourism & Water, protecting our common future,” is identical to the proposed theme for this year’s World Tourism Day by the World Tourism Organization. Last year’s conference was deemed a great success and subsequently the STDF gathered all sustainable related sectors and formed a working Sustainable Committee. The objective of the committee is to oversee sustainable issues on Statia and plan annual sustainability conferences in conjunction with the BES islands, working together as a team in the best interest of the island. “Sustainability keeps Statia moving,” said Sustainable Committee Member Steve Piontek.

“A sustainable conference is beyond doubt essential for Statia; it’s a measure for appraising the fulfillment of system’s objectives with regard to sustainable development,” said Sustainable Committee member Francine Harrigan.

A number of industry experts are already confirmed, professional specialists who are more familiar with sustainability where water conservation is concerned. Organisers expect that all participants will acknowledge the golden opportunities that this conference will provide and network and share ideas with these knowledgeable individuals.



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