Home Articles UNWTO & WTM Ministers’ Summit to focus on better tourism and aviation policy making

UNWTO & WTM Ministers’ Summit to focus on better tourism and aviation policy making

UNWTO & WTM Ministers’ Summit to focus on better tourism and aviation policy making

UNWTO-WTM-ministers-summitThe seventh UNWTO & WTM Ministers’ Summit will focus on how governments can better align their tourism and aviation policies for the benefit of both. Tourism Ministers and industry leaders attending the November 5 Summit – How to Bridge the Gap Between Tourism and Aviation Policies – will discuss new ways of ensuring greater joined-up thinking when formulating and implementing policy.

The Summit comes as tourists increasingly take to the skies – of the one billion tourists recorded in 2012, more than half travelled by aircraft. Despite this, many governments around the world continue to draw up transport and tourism policies entirely separately of one another, at best ensuring disjointed thinking and at worst meaning policies are formed which are actively detrimental to one another. This then acts as a severe constraint on both sectors with a corresponding impact on the economy.

The Summit, which builds upon the discussions held at last May’s UNWTO & ATM Ministerial Forum held in Dubai, will allow Tourism Ministers and industry leaders worldwide to debate how these issues can be best resolved and in particular focus on:

*  How to bring air transport and tourism policies closer together and what it takes to do so;
*  The opportunities and challenges facing air transport development, particularly infrastructure, taxes and levies, visa facilitation and regulation
*  What are the success factors and remaining obstacles to better coordinated policy making

Reed Travel Exhibitions, Senior Director, World Travel Market, Simon Press said: “By working with the UNWTO to attract so many Tourism Ministers and travel bosses from around the world, WTM is in a unique position. The Summit means the world’s most influential private and public sector decision makers in tourism can meet and have meaningful dialogue over the issues that affect the industry and the potential solutions for them.

“It is vital that those creating aviation policy work closely with those overseeing tourism to ensure both their countries and our industry are in the strongest possible position to thrive. This will ensure the steady growth we are currently enjoying continues long into the future.”


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