Home Articles World ski awards, is just like an Oscar award in the field of travel trade

World ski awards, is just like an Oscar award in the field of travel trade

World ski awards, is just like an Oscar award in the field of travel trade

World Ski Awards has been exposed for those best and selected resorts as well as hospitality providers that had been selected as a finalist in the inaugural program. This award is for those who are possessing the high quality and elite resorts or hospitality. World Ski is the first way and the best way to appreciate the people who possess the hospitality or resort. The ski awards are the first program to reward the premium brand in the World ski hospitality trade. The awards are providing rewards to the hospitality trade and encourage the hospitality’s trade. The elite awards program features are for the four blue riband categories, and they are:

•    Best hotel

•    Best ski resort

•    Best chalet

•    Best boutique hotel

The finalists for the awards are being selected from the top 20 ski nations, and these finalists are best among all. The voting process will be held for selecting the finalist from the different nations. The international voting process will be started at 8 am in Monday i.e., 26th of August. After the voting procedure, the winner will be declared at the opening ceremony of the world ski awards. This ceremony is held in the Kitzbuhel, Austria on 16th of November 2013.

The director of the world ski awards is Sion Rapson, and he explained that the ski tourism group is an important part of the global tourism and travel market with thousand ski resorts and hospitalities that are homes for more than the 6 million hotel beds.

World ski awards will deliver the best and an elite awards program to reward, appreciate, and celebrate the influential within the trade, thereby elevating the guest experience as well as stimulating the new demands.

Most of the people know about the world travel awards, so the world ski awards are just like the sister’s event of the world travels award that is signed as the “Oscars of the travel industry”. The reward should be given, for making something renowned and popular. Therefore, the world ski awards are the rewards for the elite resorts or hospitality all over the world.

This award is just a way to enhance the service for the travel and tourism. In travel and tourism trade, it is the best and the impeccable award program in this industry. This award will completely follow the voting procedure, the resort or hospitality, which will get more than votes they will be able to get the top position on the finalist list. The top 20 finalists will get the opportunity to attend the inaugural function of the world ski awards ceremony that is held in the Kitzbuhel, Austria. It is the best way to reward the premium quality of the world’s top resort or hospitality trade. The resorts or hospitality plays a very important role in traveling and tourism trade.

World ski awards are the Oscars awards in the travel industry, and it is small event awards of world travel awards.


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