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World’s highest & longest glass bridge opens

Would you walk across the world’s highest & longest glass bridge? Head to Zhangjiajie, China to take a high altitude stroll.

Is Thailand just too dangerous?

Recent bombings are putting Thailand’s lucrative travel industry at risk. The Asian nation’s reputation as a safe travelling playground could be on the wane.

Streaming Online Hidden Figures (2016)

King’s College is celebrating Shakespeare in 2016, 400 years after his death, by organizing special creative projects and performances in London and Stratford.

2015 Award-winning Destinations

TripAdvisor has released its 2015 Travelers' Choice Award-winning Destinations. How many did you get to last year?

WOW Air Continues to Shake Up Transatlantic Air Travel

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Misbehaving Weather – it’s having an effect on our travel plans

Late onset of snow in European ski resorts, tropical storms arriving early - the weather is having a dramatic effect on travel plans.

EasyJet Accused of Overselling Thousands of Flights

When someone purchases a plane ticket, shows up at the airport, slogs through security and treks through the terminal to their gate, they expect to find a seat on their flight. Passengers on EasyJet, however, have recently been fuming after discovering that their seats were anything but guaranteed.

Americans can now legally visit Cuba. Here’s how.

Travel companies are expanding travel routes to Cuba – legally.

New study reveals why Millennials might actually be an opportune market...

Despite what you may think, Millennials, those ages 22-32, may actually be a hot market for luxury travel agents.

World’s Deepest Pool Opens in Italy

Italy opened the world’s deepest pool in June, 2014. The maximum depth is 40-meters (130 feet), and the waters are kept consistently around 32 degrees Celsius (89 fahrenheit ). The pool is marketed as a unique diving location, ideal for beginners, deep divers and free divers alike. It also has viewing platforms, glass observation tunnels and a shallow swimming area for non-divers. The pool has, thus far, received quite positive reviews.

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