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Singapore Airport Gets Rid Of Final Boarding Call

Proving why they are the world’s best airport, Singapore’s Changi eliminates annoying final boarding call announcements

The Top 6 Most Welcoming Countries In The World

For wannabe expats looking to move abroad, one of these six countries might be the perfect place to call home. Ready to make the move?

2017 was the safest year to fly ever

There were zero commercial passenger jet fatalities in 2017 making it the safest year to fly ever. How will 2018 measure up?

Top 10 Places to Visit in 2018

Time to start planning your annual vacation. Why not check out one of the top spots of 2018? From Perth to Malta, this list has it all!

Europe to give teens free rail passes to travel across the continent

European youth are set to receive a free rail pass to travel across the continent. But will free travel bring the unity Europe is seeking?

The Torotno Blue Jays Travel, and So Do Their Fans

Canadians love sports and will travel on planes, buses and whatever other transport is at hand to see their favourite teams, such the Toronto Blue Jays, away from home. Because it’s cheaper. Sort of. Just check out the prices on tickets for the Jays and Texas Rangers’ MLB playoff series. Tickets for sale in Arlington […]

Youngest commercial pilot takes to the skies

A 26 year old is now the world’s youngest airline captain. Even better? In a male-centric aviation world, this ambitious captain is female.

Is Niagara Falls Really the 8th Wonder of the World?

A clever ad campaign may not change any list of world wonders. But it is getting people stoked to visit Niagara Falls.

Ritz Carlton To Add Charging Stations for Eco-Friendly Travellers

Ritz-Carlton is going green by adding two electric car charging stations at each location across the globe

World’s Largest Glass Bridge Closes After Two Weeks Due To Overwhelming Demand

The record breaking glass bottom bridge attracted ten times its capacity forcing a closure just two weeks after the first visitors braved the adrenaline pumping crossing.

Aloft Debuts Hotel Rooms of The Future

Aloft’s “Project Jetson” will change how you interact with your hotel room, but they’re not the only hotel embracing technology.

US Hotel Fees Forecasted to Reach Record High $2.55B

Guests will pay a record $2.25 billion in US hotel fees this year. Are hoteliers gouging you with “hidden fees” or simply covering business costs?